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Let's get wet!  You can become a certified diver in two weekends!  $399* (*group of 3 or more students) and two Saturdays and two Sundays will get you certified and in the water for bubble fun in the sun!  All equipment supplied except mask, snorkel, fins and surface inflatable sausage.  Make 2018 the year you become a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver! **ITEM OF  INTEREST: *MINI LOBSTER SEASON STARTS AT 12:01 AM ON JULY 25, 2018 AND ENDS AT 12:00 AM JULY 26, 2018.  REGULAR LOBSTER SEASON BEGINS AUGUST 6, 2018 AND ENDS MARCH 31, 2018!  GET CERTIFIED NOW SO YOU CAN CATCH YOUR DINNER!!  

*During mini season a sport diver can bag 12 lobsters during these 2-days.  During the regular season, you are permitted to bag 6 lobsters per day.  You are required to have a measuring tool on you at all times.  The lobster has to have a 3"+ carapace which, is measured with the tool between the lobster' eyes and down to the beginning of the tail.  You cannot harvest a female bearing eggs.  These expectant females are easy to spot!  When you turn the lobster over you will see the very obvious egg sack.

Hi, I am Barbara Jean Militello and I am a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer who has been teaching scuba diving for over 20 years.  Scuba diving is my passion and hopefully it will be your passion as well.  There is nothing more exciting, beautiful and peaceful.  The underwater world is a magnificent place full of beautiful and curious animals.  It is a photographers delight!  Welcome to my world and let's make it your world as well.